Copy of Wholesale Polices

Welcome to LLB Designs Studio, LLC Wholesale!

Wholesale Accounts are usually set up within 3-4 business days (M-F)! Please allow us time to go through all of our applications and check out your business. If you do not hear back within 4-5 business days please email us to make sure there was not a problem! Please allow additional time during Holidays.

By signing up as a wholesale account, you agree to the following guidelines, please note anyone not adhering to these are subject to have their order and/or wholesale account cancelled:

  • 5 minimum PER DESIGN and PER ORDER (we cannot add on to a previous order)
  • You must have been in business for at least 3 months.
  • Our stationary line has a 2-9 business day turnaround depending on item popularity. 
  • Add-ons are only allowed if order hasn't shipped, and will ship separately with additional shipping costs.
  • Anyone selling our products under suggested retail will be removed immediately. Suggested retail can be found in our Facebook private group and our website. Each item should be no less than our own prices. New releases must not be put on sale for at least 30 days! 
  • Absolutely no replicating our designs, you will lose your wholesale account immediately and also receive an email from our attorney.
  • No returns unless item is sent damaged
  • If you receive a damaged product, please email us at, and we will get a return label sent out promptly.
  • No cash returns. Anything sent back damaged will receive a replacement of that same product. If the product is no longer in stock, we will issue a credit to your account. 
  • No BUY IN groups allowed. Anyone found to be selling LLB Designs Studio products in a buy-in group will lose their wholesale account immediately. Please report anyone selling in a Buy-In group.
  • Item description is available for each item. By ordering the item, you're accepting responsibility of reading product descriptions
  • Retail coupon codes are NOT allowed to be used for wholesale orders. Anyone using retail codes used on wholesale orders will be refunded and cancelled immediately.

Thanks so much! We look forward to working with you!